METRO by Fabbian

Metro is a simple concept: a straight line, broken or diagonal, an essential metal band that enlivens different settings. Behind the project is the goal of efficiently responding to one of the most common problems when lighting both modern and traditional spaces: bringing light to large rooms characterised by high, exposed-beam, vaulted or painted ceilings, often without light points. Metro perfectly meets these needs and offers many other possibilities with visual impact that is minimal and elegant at the same time. Thanks to the joints on the wall attachments, the luminous strip can be applied straight, diagonally, or create a predetermined design and be easily arranged to direct light towards specific points

WOODLAND by Ligman

Ligman’s faux timber sets the standard for the latest innovations in timber finish on aluminum, worldwide. The timber look is both gorgeous and adaptable to a variety of used from poles, bollards, and sconces. Ligman utilizes innovations in faux timber on aluminum technology to create stunning materials for both commercial and residential applications. Offering special transfer-wood finishes means that Ligman can offer dozens and dozens of specific wood types to match any landscape design! See their website for more!

Nulite Sero

Sero is a modern expression of lighting technology contained within a sleek and elegant form ideally suited for general illumination within office spaces, and schools. At Sero’s core is an open optical system that effectively delivers direct-indirect lighting to work spaces while completely eliminating glare for maximum visual comfort. Sero’s unique see-through design adds a modern touch to any space.