Over 35 years ago, Reflex Lighting was founded by Paul Mustone in the Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island territory. While staying on top of the latest lighting trends and technology, Reflex Lighting continues to focus on our core values of service, relationships, and quality. Our manufacturer partners offer industry-leading lighting and control solutions suitable for any application. Reflex Lighting has invested in building a knowledgeable, service-oriented team focused on providing our client’s with strategic solutions throughout every step of the process. Our team specializes in project services, energy & control solutions, national accounts, distribution, specification and contractor sales.


7 Tide Street
Boston, MA 02210



Allison Espindola

Assistant Project Manager

Direct Line: 617.464.6686
Ext: 106
Cell Phone:
Amy Bird-Mulligan

Lighting Integration Team (LIT)

Direct Line: 617.464.6636
Ext: 236
Cell Phone:
Amy Smith

Lighting Integration Team (LIT)

Direct Line: 617.464.6610
Ext: 210
Cell Phone:
Andrew Murray


Direct Line: 617.464.6620
Ext: 220
Cell Phone:
Bob Cusson

Contractor & Specification Sales

Direct Line: 617.464.6603
Ext: 203
Cell Phone: 774.696.6223
Brianna Cosgrove-Boire

Specification Sales

Direct Line: 617.464.6622
Ext: 222
Cell Phone: 978.457.4605
Caitlin Moyer


Direct Line: 617.464.6634
Ext: 234
Cell Phone:
Carlos Alonso-Niemeyer

Principal - Specification Sales

Direct Line: 617.464.6629
Ext: 204
Cell Phone: 781.690.4765
Casey Rhoades


Direct Line: 617.464.6625
Ext: 225
Cell Phone:
Christine Corbitt

Office Administrator

Direct Line: 617.269.4510
Ext: 200
Cell Phone:
Collin Thomas

Principal - Specification Sales

Direct Line: 617.464.6621
Ext: 221
Cell Phone: 617.595.6724
Cullen Cook

Applications Engineer

Direct Line: 617-464-6654
Ext: 254
Cell Phone: